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Video Wall Hire


Tablet Hire are proud to be able to bring to you the only true seamless video wall display in the World! Our seamless video wall lcd display has no nasty black bezels to break up your image unlike our competitors who offer an advertised “seamless display” that in reality has very thin bezels that destroy the notion of a truly seamless experience.

Each one of our screens fits right next to the next one leaving a razor sharp image, no matter at what angle the screens are viewed from. Whilst the majority of our high resolution video walls are used for temporary installations for short term exhibitions, the technology is used for shops, hotels, concerts, stages and films. In fact, our seamless video wall technology is able to used in any indoor environment where a large screen is required.

The video walls that we offer are the very latest technology. Not only are they suitable for a variety of purposes allowing breathtaking image quality, but they are provided with a system which is easy to assemble and are able to be controlled via a remote control. They are effortless to use and most importantly they do not require external plugins, enabling a clean and wireless visual impact.

At Tablet Hire our unique bespoke technology screens allow for larger and more impressive large screens to be built which can be viewed from any angle without any black bezel lines to break up the display. Currently, there is no product like ours in existence anywhere in the world that is completely seamless, allowing both full HD and 4K with an infinitely expandable number of screens in both portrait and landscape format.

Our seamless screen technology looks perfect, enhancing HD images by analyzing and refining them with beautifully natural detail and astounding colour, providing a picture that is bright and sharp, wherever the viewer is standing. The latest Seamless LCD video wall is the only true 0+0mm screen bezel with over 2 million individual pixels and advanced picture processing ensuring pixels displays images with superb brightness and authentic detail. This is the latest 55" LCD with highest definition that has ever displayed on a video wall.

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