Playstation VR Hire


The device will be unveiled at E3 2016 and will very likely go on sale before the holiday season 2016 (highly unlikely) or early 2017.

Sony has moved to a full 120Hz OLED panel, and we can assume that the PS4 is outputting 1080p 120 on 'native' refresh software.

It could well be a game changer

The VR headset will be the first tied to a video-game console.

Sony PlayStation VR is a virtual reality (VR) headset, made by Sony, for its PlayStation 4 console. In case you were wondering.

Until September 15 2015, PlayStation VR was called Project Morpheus, which sounds more mysterious and fun, but is less descriptive and a bit harder to spell. The change of name did not bring with it any material change to the device.

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