Microsoft Surface


Whilst the hire of iPads and android tablets have matured over the past 3 years, the latecomer to the party was the Windows equivalent. The Microsoft surface is our preferred choice for rental with its funky magnetic keyboard turning it into something more than just a web browser. If you miss the classic Office applications then you will definitely feel at home with the Microsoft Surface with its instantly recognizable applications and pullout desk stand.

All of our Microsoft tablets are supplied complete with keyboard that gives the device more of a laptop feel…..and it protects the glass!

Available Models:

Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3" 128GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 128GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 256GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 256GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 128GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 256GB


Brand: Microsoft
Operating system: Windows

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