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3.9 mm LED display offering the following features:

  • On board flash memory for colour calibration - providing solution for changing module of cabinet
  • Special connector design providing seamless connection
  • Front serviceable module allows easier maintenance
  • 16 bit gray scale level delivers crystal clear, high definition images
  • High refresh rate removing flickering (higher than 2,000 Hz)
  • Automatic shadow elimination
  • Die cast aluminium casing ensures seamless display without light or da

LED Video Wall Hire UK

Create an attraction factor in the business event by selecting an LED Video Wall Hire option from Tablet Hire UK respectively. As we all agree on the statement that modern business world has completely transferred to the updated gadgets. It was a time when people prefer to utilize projectors in business meetings and seminars. Noe, the trend has furnished a lot and there are different types of updated opportunities available to make these events extraordinary brilliant by all means. Through LED Video Wall Hire option you will get the chance to utilize the giant display screen for the best promotional factor in front of the attendees. It has become a normal routine for the business event organizers to place a giant screen in the event to attract the attention of the people towards themselves.

Well, this is a brilliant solution which will definitely provide a lot more impressive benefits to the businesses. Here we will discuss some of the positive elements about utilizing LED Video Wall Hire option from Tablet Hire UK and how it will effect on the attendees.

Best source for the presentation and speech

It is a brilliant idea to engage attendees towards you through placing LED Video Wall Hire option in the business event. It will provide true and accurate result in which you can easily share your thoughts and ideas with the attendees respectively. You can better share your ideas and explanation regarding goods and services through LED Video Wall Hire solution. The respective solution is very much appreciable around the world in business events.

Clarity in vision

Without clarity in your vision, you cannot achieve the targets of the competitive business world. You need to attract the attention of the people in the event and this would be a nice and attractive solution to describe each and everything in a professional way. You can better describe every matter to the attendees which you need to discuss.

Tablet Hire UK is a great solution

No doubt, Tablet Hire UK is one of the most trusted rental company which will provide you with advanced chances to deal with all types of modern IT gadgets in the business events. We specialize in providing IT devices on rental for these types of events. If you are searching for the LED Video Wall Hire option, contact us. We have a wide range of LED Video Wall and other audio-video devices in our stock respectively.

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