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iPad Quizzes

iPad Quizzes

Interactive iPad Quiz System

Our iPad Quiz system runs from a database and randomly selects a specific number of questions in a random order, to prevent people passing the answers on to each other.

It can be quickly installed on any iPad as it is a web app and run off a local server.

Unlike the keypad system, the iPad quiz doesn’t require a large group of people to make it effective. The software handles both portrait and landscape orientations and fully themed to match any corporate branding.

Each iPad user can run through the quiz at their own pace. The system can handle multiple iPads and users at anyone time. Each user has to register to take part in the quiz to be able to have their score posted onto the scoreboard. A scoreboard can be displayed on plasma screen where the Top 10 scores are constantly updated in real time. The time taken to answer the questions is also taken into account in milliseconds, eliminating the possibility of a tie.

Suggestions for running a quiz

Unlike the interactive keypad quiz, doesn’t have a clear winner until the end of the event, therefore it is suggested that you provide the following types of prizes:

  • A small prize for taking part
  • A prize for scoring over a certain threshold i.e. 60%
  • A prize for the overall day / event winner
  • A prize for random contestant for each day or the overall event

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