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iPad Locks


Our revolutionary iSecure locking system is able to be used for any Tablet device or Smartphone. The isecure system consists of a retrofit security pad with a security slot.

Once the pad has been fitted, the 1 meter security cable is inserted into the slot, turned and locked. The cable can either be looped to a table leg or secured elsewhere.

This unique system can actually be used to secure any device.

The isecure system is manufactured using high grade aluminium and is anodised silver. The unit is fitted with 3M VHB (Very High Bonding) tape and is bonded to the back of any tablet device.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self adhesive security anchor point for device
  • High grade aluminium anodised durable finish
  • Low profile and compact
  • Can be used to secure any item of equipment
  • Colour: Silver
  • Easy to install
  • The isecure system can be used in conjunction with our generic desk stands that will hold any size tablet.


Brand: Armourdog
Rotation: 360 degree
Dimensions: 16 x 13.6 x 21 cm
Weight: 790 g


iPad 2/3/4, Air, Pro, Mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Most 7" to 10" tablets

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