iPad 4


Tablet Hire has a large stock of iPad 4 for hire. The iPad 4 with its retina display, faster chip and better battery life is an ideal device for viewing both images and movies in a high resolution format. Whilst the iPad 4 is still used for conferences that have both image and video content, please be aware that the brightness will need to be turned down to get the optimum battery life from the device. The iPad 2 is our preferred choice for conferences.

We have stock of both the iPad 4 wifi as well as the iPad 4 3G.

Tablet Hire are also able to supply from a considerable inventory of iPad floor stands, desk stands, alarms, locks and other accessories.

iPad 4's are also available to hire in combination with our iPad Conference App, iPad Silent Auction App and iPad Quiz and iPad voting software.

Best used for

  • Guest lists
  • Internet browsing
  • Data capture
  • iPad wall
  • Video demonstrations
  • iPad interactive conferences
  • iPad Voting
  • Images

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