Interactive Conferences

Interactive Conferences

Interactive iPad System

Our interactive iPad system gives you and your audience the full interactive experience at your events. The system has been designed to have an iPad on every table at your event and encourages table discussion whilst at the same time reducing your overall costs compared to other systems where each member of staff has to have their own iPad. The system has 7 main features that are all fully flexible and can be adapted on the fly to best cater your needs.

The Interactive Screen

We treat all iPads as an additional screen so we can push a copy of the slide on to all the iPads, allowing everyone in the audience to get a close look at the slides. In addition, under the information page they can look back at the full slide deck to review the presentations that they have already seen at their own pace. The feature can be set so that it is only available during breaks, so as not to distract the audience during the presentations

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