GoPro Omni Hire


GoPro’s six-camera rig, the omni rig is designed to capture 360-degree videos that can be used for virtual reality experiences.

The Omni is a rig outfitted with six GoPro Hero4 Black action cameras — all synced to capture what becomes a 360-degree video. Because each Hero4 Black can shoot up to 4K, the final product is a video with resolutions at up to 8K; you can view the high-resolution video through a headset, or downscale it for desktop viewing on YouTube. To handle the stitching, GoPro includes Kolor Software, a VR startup it acquired last year.

After a video is shot the content is sent to a computer via the Omni Importer, which lets the user preview, manage, and render the footage. Kolor Autopano Video is used for “fine-tuning,” and the final product is proofed via the GoPro VR player and published on the GoPro VR website or free mobile app. GoPro is also working with Adobe to give pro users precision editing via Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, which can natively handle 360-degree video at 8K, GoPro says. (Adobe recently announced 360/VR support in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC).

The Omni is designed for capturing sporting events, museum and tourism installations, hotel and real estate tours, and educational tutorials.

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