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Businesses require technology products for their important meetings where conferences are held to share information between the members of the meetings. Traditionally a single projector or a giant electronic screen has served the purpose well enough, but with modern innovations and the rise of the tablet, this information sharing process has been made much more reliable, private and efficient. High-end tablets like the iPad facilitate private information meant for certain members of the meetings to be shared across without a hitch. IPads are great productivity devices and offer great functionality for the conferences through the advanced conference apps available in the App Store and also some third-party apps that come pre-installed in iPads rented from top companies like Tablet Hire.

Business Conferences

Tablet Hire are a specialized IPad Hire company and we offer on request installation of all our products to facilitate various business conferences that they might need them for. Regardless of how many iPads you need for your top priority business conference or how you would like them to be installed, Tablet Hire will do it in the most efficient way. The Conference based iPads from Tablet Hire come equipped with specific features that are based towards the requirement from conferences and help in:

  • Sharing information across people attending the conference.
  • Targeted information to be shared with particular members of the conference only.
  • Interactive software and hardware features that provide great conference functionality.
  • Performing presentations while all of the iPads are synchronized with each other.

Educational Conferences

Conferences are not only limited to the office layouts, various educational institutes of higher grades also require conferences of the highest quality where ideas are to be shared across, quizzes are to be completed or seminars are held in order to get the important messages across and also get the attendees or students more interested in the conferences. Tablet Hire have the perfect solution for that as well. The very well selected hardware and software combination from Tablet Hire UK including the most advanced conference apps allow:

  • Feedback from the students or attendees of the conference to be collected confidentially.
  • Quizzes to be arranged on a digital hardware.
  • Interaction between tutors and students or attendees of the conferences.
  • Collective presentation through synchronization of the highest quality.

Useful Conference Apps

Most of the conference features are controlled via software and Tablet Hire being the leading iPad rental company has access to the most advanced conference apps including voting, general interaction, interactive quizzes and immersive graphical shared information systems that enable the iPads to be the perfect conference companions for our clients.

Tablet Hire has at hand the most able conference app in iPulse that allows all the above mentioned top features and also additional ones like specific event based real-time feedback gathering on a massive scale. This feature provided by Tablet Hire is perfect for even the broader level trade show conferences where the number of people interacting with the iPads can be great.

Why Us?

Looking for the high quality conference apps installed on the most advanced and up-to-date iPads, the Tablet Hire is the perfect choice for you. We provide our modern hardware and functional software at the most market competitive prices with the added installation and maintenance services that are unmatched in quality and response time by any other similar businesses.